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Ming Dai, L.Ac.

State Licensed Acupuncturist

Ming Dai has treated tens of thousands of patients with successful results for over 30 years. Although first trained in Western medicine as a graduate of Second Medical School(Shanghai Jiao Tong University) she later realized through personal family experience that in many respects Western medicine was limited to solving symptoms only. She witnessed Traditional Chinese Medicine go further, not only reversing desperate health symptoms, but rendering the patient free from their diseases in many cases. She immersed herself in the study of TCM with the most reliable texts and teachers available and found she was possessed of a unique gift, able to guide her patients through the proper diagnosis and natural treatment process with many great successes. Ming is committed to helping people maintain hope and restore health. Beyond her medical and traditional health knowledge, Ming is a dedicated practitioner who lives as she teaches, practices what she preaches, and devotes all of her attention to helping patients with respect, care and compassion.





Ming Dai, L.Ac.

State Licensed Acupuncturist

I became interested in Chinese Medicine when I was in medical school and back then I really looked down on Chinese Medicine. I thought “some leaves and roots and things” can’t work. I thought only western medicine could work because they had more scientists and performed many tests and had more technology at that time my uncle was a professor who taught at Xia Men University and one day he suddenly fell. His face turned white and he was covered in sweat. He had trouble breathing. His best friend, another professor, who had had a heart attack gave him some of his own medicine to save him. He was taken by ambulance to a very big hospital. A few doctors tried to save him as his blood pressure was extremely low. They used electrodes to try and save him but told my Aunt to prepare for his death. Another patient’s wife asked my Aunt why she did not try Chinese Medicine? She said she would introduce my Aunt to a good healer. She said “si ma dang huo ma yi” - this is a last resort. The hospital did not want patients to have Chinese herbs as they said it would interfere with treatment. My Aunt saw the Chinese doctor who gave my Aunt three bags of herbs telling her to give some to my Uncle in the morning and some in the afternoon. He said if the blood pressure did not return to normal after the three bags were gone he would not know what to do. However, after finishing the three bags later my Uncle’s blood pressure was back up to 90/50 and steadily improved. There was a 70% blockage in my Uncle’s heart and he had a very bad heart attack. But he lived, and is still alive 30 years later. My perspective on Chinese Medicine changed. Although I still became an internist and worked in a large hospital in Shanghai for many years, I began doing research and felt like Ali Baba when he found the cave of treasure. I began studying Ancient Chinese medical texts and consulting with Chinese doctors, even traveling great distances to study with them. I saw so many miracles. I still do. What happened with my Uncle changed the course of my entire life and I remain a faithful fan and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine to this day.

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